Efficient MOBILE Chicken Houses For Sale In Pennsylvania

Lower your labor costs while increasing quality egg production.

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A few farms who use our
mobile chicken houses:

Are you...

  • Tired from the Labor and Time

    required to maintain a profitable egg business with your current setup?

  • Looking for the Right Tools

    to take your mobile egg production and profits to the next level?

Your Pennsylvania farm deserve a mobile chicken operation that is profitable and efficient!

How Can Your PA Poultry Operation Be More Efficient & Profitable?

  • Happy Healthy Birds

  • Reliable Feed & Water Supply

  • Higher Egg Production

  • Lower Labor Costs

  • Cleaner Eggs

Watch this video to see how our mobile chicken houses are helping Greenacres Foundation produce better quality eggs, have happier chickens, and keep their laying hens healthier.


Mobile Chicken Coop - PA 4

Experience What Makes Our Mobile
Chicken Houses & Coops Different

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    Solar Powered

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    Heavy-duty tarp covering

  • IMG_6487.JPG

    1 ton automatic feeding system

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    150 gallon watering system

  • IMG_6501.JPG

    Custom egg gathering system

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    Automated lights & nests

  • IMG_6550.JPG

    2-tier Roll out community nest

  • IMG_6552.JPG

    Automatic door closing system

  • IMG_6568.JPG

    Can be moved by UTV or small tractor

“We had a homemade coop, but the hens stayed by the coop and made a mess.  We wanted them to get out in the pasture and away from the coop. Our first mobile chicken house worked so well that we ended up buying a 2nd one.  We love the automation and low maintenance. The first house was really user-friendly, so it was a no-brainer to buy the second one!” -Rise & Shine Farm

Get a mobile chicken house in Pennsylvania in 3 simple steps

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    Get a quote

    Fill out a form, select the options you want, and receive your custom quote.

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    Place an order

     Schedule your down payment and reserve your mobile chicken house.

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    Experience the difference

    Enjoy efficient and reliable egg production while having more time for the things you want.

Looking for financing options for your mobile chicken house? 

We are excited to offer financing through Quickspark!

What can you expect when you work with The Mobile Chicken House?

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    Personal Experience

    As mobile chicken farmers ourselves, we use our own products and  know the features that make an efficient mobile house.

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    1-Year Warranty

     All our mobile houses come with a 1-year warranty on parts.

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    Great Customer Service

    We design and build the mobile chicken houses ourselves, so you receive only the best in service, knowledge, and quality. 

What can your profits
be with an efficient egg operation?

Are you unsure if you can make a profit with a mobile chicken house?

Use our free Profit Calculator to determine if you are pricing your eggs correctly and what your profits can be with an efficient system.

Mobile Chicken Houses & Coops for sale in Pennsylvania

The commercial “pasture-raised” standard for eggs has lowered the quality to a “no better than average” level.

At The Mobile Chicken House, we believe quality should never be compromised.

For over 10 years we have been building efficient mobile chicken houses to all poultry operations in Pennsylvania, and we have pushed innovation in every way possible to avoid making the same compromises.

It is possible to farm the right way and still succeed!

Questions About our PA chicken coops or houses?


The shipping weight of the houses without feed, water, or hens is:

    • 300 Model: 2000-2500 pounds (depending on features)
    • 650 Model: 5500 pounds
  • 300 Model:  Ground clearance of 17″
  • 650 Model:  Ground clearance of 25″

Yes, several of our models come in kits that you can assemble, including the 250, 600, and portable chicken coop models.

We use a heavy-duty tarp-like material designed to withstand natural elements while allowing natural sunlight through. We have many mobile houses over 10 years old still using the original covering!

We do our best to build and ship houses in 3-5 weeks after the order is placed.  However, it can take up to 3 months depending on our backlog and other orders.