Who is The Mobile Chicken House?

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Our Mission

At The Mobile Chicken House, we have personally experienced the frustration and wasted labor of using an inefficient and poorly designed mobile chicken house.

That is why we design and build mobile chicken houses that are efficient, automated, and easy to maintain.

Our Beginnings

Brothers Cliff and Josh Stoltzfoos were born and raised on a farm in Lancaster County.  From an early age, they helped on the home farm with the organic dairy and mobile-pastured chickens.

Running their own egg business, the brothers became frustrated with the inefficient equipment that was available for mobile egg farmers.

The available models took a lot of labor, had average egg production, and were difficult to move easily and maintain.

Using their skills and knowledge of mobile chicken houses and coops, Cliff and Josh designed and built their own mobile chicken house.

Their goal was to develop a chicken house that would be efficient, easy to move, durable, save labor, and have automated features.

The resulting mobile chicken houses helped to grow their egg business exponentially.  They also noticed the eggs were much cleaner, and the hens laid eggs more consistently.

Knowing other mobile egg farmers were experiencing the same frustrations with inefficient systems, the brothers have been building and selling mobile chicken houses since 2009.

Today, they continue to design, build, and provide quality mobile chicken houses and coops, and they work hard to improve the design and quality in the process.

If you are experiencing frustration with your mobile egg operation, and you are ready for your egg business story to change, then contact the team today to learn how a new mobile chicken house can revamp your business!


Looking for Stoltzfoos Layers?

We no longer sell our own eggs under Stoltzfoos Layers. Instead, we have shifted our focus completely to our mobile chicken houses and boiler houses. We look forward to serving you through these new lines of products!