Mobile Range Coop [Broilers] Model 600


Starting at $24,500. Coop arrives flat-packed and requires assembly.

Features included standard in this model:

  • Solar System with Lithium Battery Bank
  • Water System (150-gallon water storage)
  • Battery level protection system
  • 1 ton feed storage with automatic feed system(single feed line)
  • Rollup curtains
  • Easy hookup with extendable tongue & hitch
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Feeder Pan Roost Guards Model 600
  • Feeder line/pan roost guards are used to prevent chickens from roosting over the feed pans.
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The Mobile Range Coop 600 is designed to bring efficient mobility and care to your broilers on pasture.  With a capacity for 600-800 meat birds, and an automatic feeding system, the Model 600 requires a small to a medium-sized tractor to efficiently move the house.

The greenhouse design and low base of the house make it durable and able to withstand high winds and storms.

Coming standard with feed and water storage built into the house, the Model 600 is built to supply all the feed and water essentials your broilers need while they enjoy fresh pasture and organic material.

This house is ideal if you are looking to produce quality pastured meat at scale without increasing labor costs.


  • Dimensions: 20′ wide x 48′ long (full length including extendable tongue and bin is 56′)
  • Square footage; 960 sq. ft.