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What Is Behind This Calculation?

As you probably know, many different elements make up the cost of our eggs and consequently the price we need to charge. While it may appear oversimplified, it is not, and many calculations happen in the background.

We have benchmarked the numbers we see on our farm including packaging, time, logistics, etc, and have leveraged over 30 different expense categories and calculations to come up with the results you see in the calculator.

What is NOT included in this calculation?
  • Taxes
  • Certifications
  • Loan Interest Payments

"We chose The Mobile Chicken House because they are in the United States, and they make a quality product that is highly automated. The house has helped us save money in labor because of the automation and roll-out nests with conveyor belt. It also helped save feed waste with the automated feeding system and conveyor belt.  These savings are helping to pay for the cost of our houses.  Cliff and Josh are easy to get along with, and they are always willing to help troubleshoot or answer questions. I highly recommend The Mobile chicken House and their products!"

-Alcove Farms

What can you expect when you work with The Mobile Chicken House?

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    Personal Experience

    As mobile chicken farmers ourselves, we use our own products and  know the features that make an efficient mobile house.

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    1-Year Warranty

     All our mobile houses come with a 1-year warranty on parts.

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    Great Customer Service

    We design and build the mobile chicken houses ourselves, so you receive only the best in service, knowledge, and quality.