2-Tier Community Egg Nests

More Space - Easier Gathering - Cleaner Eggs

When hens are mobile in a pasture, it is difficult to keep the eggs safe and clean!

When eggs are not protected, multiple things can happen:

  • Eggs can crack or break

  • Eggs get dirty

  • Chickens eat the eggs

  • Eggs are lost in the dirt

Our 2-Tier Community Egg Nests solve all these problems!

  • More Space

    Give laying hens plenty of room to lay their eggs.

  • Rollaway Egg Nests

    Eggs are separated from the hens right away.  This protects the eggs and keeps them clean.

  • Easy Gathering

    Eggs roll onto a conveyor belt for easy gathering.

  • Minimum Cracking

    Floor mesh is used to protect the eggs from cracking or breaking.

  • Privacy

    Privacy flaps provide a safe, dark place for the hens while laying eggs.

  • Automatic Nest Doors

    Automatic doors prevent the hens from roosting in the nests at night.

"We chose The Mobile Chicken House because they are in the United States, and they make a quality product that is highly automated. The house has helped us save money in labor because of the automation and roll-out nests with conveyor belt. It also helped save feed waste with the automated feeding system and conveyor belt.  These savings are helping to pay for the cost of our houses.  Cliff and Josh are easy to get along with, and they are always willing to help troubleshoot or answer questions. I highly recommend The Mobile chicken House and their products!"

-Alcove Farms

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What can you expect when you work with The Mobile Chicken House?

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    Personal Experience

    As mobile chicken farmers ourselves, we use our own products and  know the features that make an efficient mobile house.

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    1-Year Warranty

     All our mobile houses come with a 1-year warranty on parts.

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    Great Customer Service

    We design and build the mobile chicken houses ourselves, so you receive only the best in service, knowledge, and quality. 

“Cliff and Josh are easy to get along with, and they are always willing to help troubleshoot or answer questions.  I highly recommend The Mobile Chicken House and their products!”


You Don’t have to Settle for Inefficient Egg Nests!

Many chicken farmers are annoyed at how dirty eggs become in many traditional nesting systems, or how easily hens can break the eggs.

As egg farmers ourselves, we understand this frustration.

That is why we developed a community egg nest system that is efficient, keeps eggs cleaner, and doesn't give hens access to the eggs.

Don't settle for inefficient nesting systems - you can have clean eggs and save time!

View all the available features in our mobile chicken house.

Have questions about our 2-Tier Community Egg Nests?

What prevents hens from roosting in the nests at night?
  • The nests are equipped with a kick-out door that closes at nighttime when the chickens come inside to roost.  This keeps the nests cleaner, easier to maintain, and helps protect the eggs.
What keeps hens from getting hurt in the nests?
  • The kick-out door pushes against the chickens when they close, so hens are pushed out of the nests at night.
Is the nest floor mesh removable for cleaning?
  • Yes, it can be removed for cleaning.  The mesh is zip-tied in several places to prevent hens from moving it around, and these zip-ties need to be cut if you want to remove the mesh.  The zip-ties should be replaced when you put the mesh back into the nests.
How do the roll-away egg nests help prevent eggs from cracking?
  • The nests are designed to help prevent eggs from cracking and breaking, but eggs can still crack depending on how they land or if they hit another egg.  Many hens lay their eggs toward the back of the nests, so the egg's rolling is minimal.
What power source is needed to run the automatic nest doors?
  • The nest doors are connected directly to the batteries which run off a standard 12-volt system.  Our houses are designed with a battery system that runs off solar.
Do you provide community egg nests for a chicken coop or house that I built?
  • Yes, we do sell our community egg nests as a stand-alone product.  However, your house or coop needs to be able to handle our community egg nest design and setup.
What is the minimum and maximum lengths your nests come in?
  • The nests come in 8’ sections.  The minimum is one section of 8’.  There isn’t a standard maximum as long as it can be built with 8’ sections.
Do you sell replacement parts if something breaks?
  • Yes, we carry and sell replacement parts.  Just let us know what you need!
Can I ship my chicken house or coop that I built to your shop and have you install the nests?
  • No, we do not work on houses or coops that we did not build.