Effective Portable
Chicken Coops

Innovate chicken coops for happy & healthy poultry!

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Are you...

  • Looking for the ideal portable

    small chicken coop for your family or small farm?

  • Tired of a clunky chicken coop

    that is difficult to move and labor-intensive to operate?

You deserve a portable chicken coop on wheels that is
profitable and efficient!

We offer a wide range of features on our portable chicken coops:

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    Aluminum Frame
  • alumicoops-081
    Adjustable Wheel System
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    Easy Assembly
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    Roosing & Nesting Systems
  • 5x6
    Rollaway Nestbox
  • alumicoops-089
    Heavy-Duty Vinyl Cover
  • Feeder
    Feeding Systems
  • Waterer
    Watering Systems
  • 2021-Alumi-Coops-08
    Light & Easy to Move

“We had a homemade coop, but the hens stayed by the coop and made a mess.  We wanted them to get out in the pasture and away from the coop. Our first mobile chicken coop worked so well that we ended up buying a 2nd one.  The first house was really user-friendly, so it was a no-brainer to buy the second one!”

-Rise & Shine Farm

Get your portable chicken house
in 3 simple steps

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    Get a quote

    Fill out a form, select the options you want, and receive your custom quote.

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    Place an order

     Schedule your down payment and reserve your chicken coop.

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    Experience the difference

    Enjoy an efficient and easy way to raise poultry!

What can you expect when you work with The Mobile Chicken House?

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    Personal Experience

    As mobile chicken farmers ourselves, we use our own products and  know the features that make an efficient mobile house.

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    1-Year Warranty

     All our mobile houses come with a 1-year warranty on parts.

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    Great Customer Service

    We design and build the mobile chicken houses ourselves, so you receive only the best in service, knowledge, and quality. 

You don't need to be stuck with an inefficient coop!

Today's commercial standard for eggs and poultry has lowered quality to a sub-standard level.

At The Mobile Chicken House, we believe every family and farm deserves the ability to raise quality poultry and eggs without sacrificing efficiency or profits.

For over 10 years we have been building mobile chicken houses and coops, and we have pushed innovation in every way possible to help small and large farmers have the tools to be efficient and profitable without sacrificing quality.

Whether you are a small family unit, hobby farm, or commercial poultry operation - we believe it is possible to farm the right way and still succeed!