What Features Make Our
Mobile Chicken Houses Unique?

Learn more about standard and custom features.

We believe that every mobile egg operation should be
sustainable and profitable.

So we design and build our mobile chicken houses based on two factors:

  • 1


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To achieve this, we have a set of features that come standard with every mobile chicken house.  We also offer several optional add-on features.

Browse all available features below, or contact us to get your custom quote!

Standard Mobile Chicken House Features

Solar Powered

Solar power allows you to have a fully automated mobile chicken house without worrying about an external power source.  

Each house comes standard with a solar panel, battery bank, and control panel.  

Enjoy true mobility without sacrificing power or automated systems!

Automatic Feeding System

Save labor and extra trips to your mobile chicken house with a fully automated feeding system.

Not only does the automatic feeding system give your chickens consistent feeding, the conveyor system also helps reduce food waste.

Maximize your feed distribution, quality, and consistency while saving time and labor!

Feed Storage

Our 1-ton feed storage means you don’t need to be constantly hauling feed to your mobile chicken houses.

In fact, most houses can go 10 days or more without needing to be restocked with feed!

The feed storage integrates seamlessly with the automatic feeding system.  It includes a removable lid which allows for easy refilling when using a grain auger or elevator.

2-Tier Community Egg Nests

Enjoy cleaner eggs and happier hens with our 2-tier, rollaway, community egg nest system.

The nests are designed to give the hens a private place to lay eggs with plenty of space.  The rollaway nests ensure the eggs are protected and kept clean until they are gathered.

The nests are also equipped with automated doors that close at night so that chickens are not able to roost inside the nests.

Learn more about our egg nests and how you can add them to your existing mobile chicken house!

Egg Gathering System

Save significant time and enjoy efficient egg gathering with our conveyor belt egg gathering system.

The egg gathering system allows you to stand at one spot while gathering the eggs.  It also helps keep the eggs clean.

Our egg gathering system will make your egg gathering efficient, simple, and easy!

Fresh Water System

It is important that your hens have a reliable source of water, and our fresh water system ensures that your hens can have clean water while being mobile.

The 150 gallon water tank provides 2-3 days of clean water using a gravity flow system.  The tank has a dedicated fill pipe with a quick coupler for easy refilling.

Enjoy true mobility while still providing your hens with clean, consistent water!

Roosting Space

Each house is equipped with a roosting system that provides plenty of comfortable space for your hens to safely roost at night.

When you work inside the mobile house, you can hang up the roosting space to give plenty of room for cleaning or maintenance.

Greenhouse Effect

Chicken houses are notorious for tipping over and being heavy, so we designed ours with a greenhouse style that uses strong, custom fabric.

This allows plenty of natural light to enter the mobile houses, even if sunshine is limited.  It also makes them physically light and easy to move while still being able to withstand high winds.

Cover cloths are available (not included) which keep the interior cool and shaded during hot summer months.

Optional Add-ons

Automatic Closing & Opening Doors

If you are worried about predators while the hens are roosting, you can add automatic doors which open and close based on a timer.

These doors are fully automated and powered by the solar system.

If you don’t have good predator control, then you can still protect your flock at night with automatic doors!

Water Temperature Control

If you use the mobile chicken house during the winter, it is recommended that you get the water temperature control add-on.  

This system includes a hot water heater and pump to keep your fresh water tank and water lines from freezing.

This option requires an upgraded battery bank or access to a standard 110V power source.  We recommend the 110V power source due to the higher cost of batteries.

External Water Bell

Provide fresh water to your hens outside the house with an external water bell.  This water line connects to the water tank and provides an easy external water source.

Automatic Lighting System

Depending on your area and seasons, having enough natural daylight might be a problem during the fall and winter months. 

By adding an automatic lighting system, your hens will have consistent light and more consistent egg-laying.

“Our first mobile chicken house really worked well, and we loved the automation and low maintenance.  The first house was really user friendly, and it was a no-brainer to buy a second one.”


Get the Chicken House Features You Need!

Many chicken farmers are frustrated by how much time and energy goes into maintaining and operating their mobile chicken house or coop.

We understand this frustration, especially since we have several of our own mobile-pastured flocks.

That is why we include the features we have with our mobile chicken house.  Every feature is included with a purpose and designed to save time and money.

Get the features you need for a truly efficient mobile-pastured egg operation!