Mobile Chicken House Model 650

Starting at $35,900. The house comes fully assembled.

Features included standard in this model:

  • Solar System with Lithium Battery Bank
  • 2 Tier Nest System with Excluder
  • 1 Ton Automatic Feed System with Infrared Feed Sensor
  • Water System with drip-protection
  • Battery level protection system
  • Feed Timer
  • Roosts
View Options/Accessories
Auto House Doors
Auto-closing doors that keep your chickens safe at night.
Auto Daylight Sensing
A daylight sensor that automatically controls the doors and lights.
Water Freeze Protection System
Choose AC or DC powered.
AC powered
  • Water Heating & Circulation
  • *Requires connection to 110V
  DC powered - starts at $4000 and changes based on climate
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Larger Solar Panel
  • Water Heating & Circulation

External Water Bell (connected to main water system)
An easy-to-access outdoor water source for your chickens.
Feeder Pan Roost Guards Model 650
  • Feeder line/pan roost guards for preventing chicken from roosting over the feed pans.
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The Model 650 is designed to bring efficient mobility and egg gathering for larger flocks on your farm.  With capacity for 650* laying hens, the Model 650 is still light enough to be moved with a UXV or medium-sized tractor.

The greenhouse design and low base of the house make it durable and able to withstand high winds and storm damage.

Coming standard with feed and water storage built into the house, the Model 650 is built to supply all the feed and water essentials your hens need while they enjoy fresh pasture and organic material.

This house is ideal for larger egg operations, and the design allows for easy scalability when using multiple houses on the same land.

*Please note that the Model 650 is designed to hold 650 laying hens.  While some farmers have kept flocks larger than 650 hens, we recommend keeping the number around 650 to avoid overcrowding.


Capacity: 650 chickens.

Dimensions: 12′ wide x 25′ long x 10.5′ tall (full length including extendable tongue and bin is 37′)

Empty Weight: 5500 lbs. The max loaded weight including feed, water, and chickens is around 11,500 pounds.

Ground Clearance: 25 inches.




In the USA we can ship this unit fully assembled and ready to use. However in the case of multiple units in the same order, it is possible to flat pack the units and complete a build on-site with one of our team members.